Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

We extend a warm invitation for your active participation in the scientific program of our upcoming event through either a captivating lecture or an insightful poster presentation. 

The submission deadline for oral presentations has already expired, but you can still submit an abstract for a poster presentation until 30 June 2024. We encourage you to share your groundbreaking work and contribute to the vibrant exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly enrich our collective knowledge. 


1- The congress language is English. 

2- Types of Participation: This hybrid meeting provides two participation options. For those who wish to share their work, the following choices are available: 

  1. Present In-Person: This meeting offers a physical attendance option for your convenience.   Participants can present their work on campus, either in the form of an Oral or a Poster presentation. 
  2. Attend Online: Additionally, this meeting provides an online attendance option for your convenience. Online participants can share their work on the MIC-STAND Website in the form of a Poster presentation. 

* For both options, abstract submission is required.

3- You can submit your work for the following topics:  

  1. Early detection of MIC for effective control: new advances in Diagnosis and Monitoring 
  2. MIC mitigation strategies towards eco-friendly and sustainable systems 
  3. Standardization: the lab-to-field transition 
  4. Industry insights: Technology and regulatory challenges 

4- Please prepare an abstract following the format and instructions provided in the TEMPLATE. When saving the document, adhere to the specified naming convention: Name_Surname_MIC-STAND.docx or Name_Surname_MIC-STAND.pdf. 

5- Please note that, if accepted, your abstract proposal may be published – as submitted – in conference information media and book of abstract (PDF file), including on the MIC-STAND website, so please double-check before submitting

6- Your Contribution will be evaluated and selected by the scientific committee, and acceptance notifications are set for May 31, 2024.