Program Topics

  • Early detection of MIC for effective control: new advances in Diagnosis and Monitoring 

This topic welcomes works highlighting challenges and recent advances in the diagnosis and monitoring of MIC for early detection – a critical step in the management and mitigation of MIC. 

  • MIC mitigation strategies towards eco-friendly and sustainable systems 

This topic encompasses all current research and development works, along with case studies on MIC mitigation/anti-biofouling strategies employed in the industrial sector, as well as emerging strategies under development. The aim is to provide long-lasting materials protection for more sustainable and environmentally friendly systems. 

  • Standardization: the lab-to-field transition 

Standardizing measurement procedures, protocols, proof-of-concept, and validation tests, is essential for accurately registering, comparing, and correlating MIC and Biofouling-related assessment tests in both laboratory and field settings. This topic invites studies and case studies that specifically address standardization, particularly those involving the translation of small-scale laboratory experiments to a field scale or vice versa. 

  • Industry insights: Technology and regulatory challenges 

This topic welcomes works and case studies addressing current industrial technological and regulatory challenges in MIC Mitigation, spanning Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Mitigation, highlighting cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Important Dates

  • Conference: July 25-26, 2023 
  • Core-group & Round robin meetings:  July 24, 2024 
  • Workshop: July 24, 2024 
  • Call for abstract: January – April, 2024 
  • Registration: March – May, 2024 
  • Tentative Program On-line: April, 2024


Fluorescence Microscopy and applications to microbiology

24 July 2024
2 sessions


• Fundamental properties of light
• Main families of fluorophores
• Introduction to fluorescence microscopy
• Anatomy of the epifluorescence microscope
• Confocal microscopy
• Best practices for imaging microbiological samples
• Tour of the imaging facility